Symptoms and prevention of Corona virus or Covid 19

Prevention of Corona virus


In this article we will be discussing in detail about the symptoms, spreading and prevention of Corona virus. With the World health organization (WHO) officially declaring the Corona virus outbreak, a pandemic and the alarmingly growing number of Corona positive cases worldwide, the fear of the virus is reigning high in the minds of people across the globe. Originating in China, now Covid 19 has spread to numerous countries across the globe and has highly impacted the economy as well as the psychology of people. At the time of writing the post the number of positive cases reported in India is also increasing rapidly, with over 26430 positive cases reported, though we should not panic but certainly a thing to be really serious about.:

About the Corona virus and Covid 19

Corona virus belongs to a family of viruses that cause common cold, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle east respiratory syndrome (MERS). However in 2019 there was some mutation that gave rise to a new kind of Corona virus, that originated in China known as the Severe acute respiratory syndrome Corona virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The disease caused by this virus is known as the Corona virus disease 2019 or Covid-19


Symptoms of Corona virus disease

The main thing to note is that it may take up to 2 to 14 days for the symptoms of this disease to surface and hence a Covid 19 patient may not even know that he is carrying the disease until the symptoms appear. The symptoms can include one of all of the following


Mortality rate

The severity of Covid-19 disease may range from mild to severe and some patients with good immunity might just experience some common cold like symptoms. The good thing about Covid-19 is that it is not so deadly and the bad thing about the disease is that it is very contagious, the infection spreads easily and rapidly from person to person. Also the cause of concern is that the mortality rate of Covid-19, first estimated by WHO was 2%, then on 2nd March, 2020 the mortality rate was revised to 3.4%, on 20th March, 2020 the mortality rate climbed up to 5 % and now as on 24th April, 2020 the mortality rate in some countries rose to 8%. Again the good thing is in India the mortality rate is still under control, thanks to our front line warriors, the doctors, nurses, police personnel and every one who is defending the country from this virus pandemic. 


How corona virus causing Covid-19 spreads

The virus that causes Covid-19 seems to spread easily and sustainably in the community, though not everything is clear about the modes of spreading of the disease, it is quite clear that Covid-19 can spread as follows

1. Person to person contact : The virus can easily spread between people who are in close contact with each other, mainly in the range of about 6 feet. Further when a Covid-19 patient coughs or sneezes, the respiratory droplets can carry the virus and infect other people in the vicinity.

2. Spread from contact with object or surfaces that have been used or even touched by a Covid-19 patient : A person is also likely to get infected by touching any thing, object or surface that has the virus on it and then touching their nose, eyes, mouth or ears. This is why washing hands is being stressed so much now.


Development of a vaccine for Covid-19 is underway in the USA and Europe and in India plasma therapy is being applied and the results achieved so far are encouraging but still there is no definitive cure for the disease so far. Good news is that 80% of the patients get cured without requiring any specialized treatment, 20% require specialized treatment and a part of those 20% also need ventilators. It is very important that we report to a doctor on seeing any of the above symptoms before it gets late. 



Who are at risk

The current pandemic of Covid-19 is growing severe day by day and the surge in the number of positive cases worldwide is refusing to stop. So everybody is at risk and the only way to be safe is by staying in home, observing social distancing and practicing Meditation and pranayama at home. It should be borne in mind that people who are old, children and people who have existing medical condition like heart or lung disease or diabetes are at higher risk of developing severe complications. 



Protection or prevention of Corona virus causing Covid-19

Whether a disease has a cure or not is a secondary thing, prevention is always better than cure, as we all know. In a pandemic situation like the present one, we should all be sensible and take measures to prevent ourselves from becoming a victim of the virus. 


1. Keep your immune system aggressive by doing pranayama and meditation: Your own immune system is your biggest savior from all viruses, bacteria and other disease causing microbes and even in the case of Covid-19, your immune system plays the biggest role in recovering from the disease. When it comes to boosting your immune system, nothing equals pranayama and meditation and then there are foods that can help too like Giloy, Tulsi, Aamla etc..


2. The best way to prevent the disease is to avoid being exposed to the virus : Our honorable prime minister Modi ji repeatedly reminds us that social distancing is the biggest weapon to fight Covid-19 as of now. The virus mainly spreads from person to person either through direct contact or through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.  So the most important thing during this pandemic is that you avoid close contacts and maintain at least a distance of 6 feet from other people. 


3. Wash your hands often : Wash your hands often with a soap, handwash or sanitizer especially before eating or after returning home from outside. Avoid touching your nose, eyes, mouth and ears when outside or with unwashed hands. 


4. Wear a facemask when going out : Your facemask need not be the N95 or those used by doctors, you can easily make a good facemask at home using your hankerchief or some other cloth and cover your face. This will prevent you to quite an extent from catching the infection. 

Social responsibility during Covid-19 pandemic

We all have some social responsibility towards our nation as citizens of India irresective of our caste, color and religion


1. The most important thing we should do is to self report ourselves as soon as we find the symptoms of Covid-19, this helps us to get timely treatment and also prevents the disease from spreading to other people.


2. If we believe that we have somehow come into the contact with a Covid-19 patient, we should observe self quarantine at home and immediately report to a doctor upon developing any symptom. 


3. Do not spit in public and always wear mask while going out, if at all we need to go out.


4. Avoid spreading fake news or false information about the disease and report any fake news, information or video that you come across. 




We have seen how fast the virus can spread and how the normal lives of people across the globe has been hammered by the pandemic. Today most of the countries in the world are under lock-down, even the financial losses countries are facing, is being looked down before the lives of people. However panicing is not the solution, instead we should act prudently and behave sensibly. If we regularly do meditation and pranayama and stand united in the fight against Covid-19, this disease cannot hold us long. 



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