Sugar Vs Jaggery vs Honey
Sugar is nutritionally zero. Jaggery and honey have some essential nutrients, of the three hony is the best and sugar is the worst.

Sugar vs jaggery vs honey

Sugar vs jaggery vs honey -


Sugar has been used conventionally as a sweetener and forms integral part of our daily life. But as people have now become more conscious of their health, the ill effects of eating excess sugar is widespread in society today. Sugar is rich in calories and zero in other essential nutrieents, recognizing this fact people are now considering using other sweeteners like jaggery and honey. 

But how good are actually jaggery or honey compared to Sugar, we will discuss all the 3 of them here. Sugar vs jaggery vs honey, which is the best sweeteneer and which is the worst, are Jaggery and honey really good replacement for sugar, we will discuss everything. 

The need to switch from sugar to jaggery or honey

We need to use sweeteners on a daily basis and considering the fact that sugar simply contributes to over weight and makes us prone to diseases like diabetes and heart attack, it is necessary to look for healthier options like jaggery and honey. 


If one cannot totally give up on sugar then at least he should minimize the use of sugar to a bare minimal and beyond that use honey or jaggery. To understand better the 3 of them and to understand which one is better, lets look at each one of them specifically.




Also known as table sugar, contains 50% Glucose and 50 % fructose. Sugar is artificially made by processing sugarcane. During the process of refining sugar, all minerals that are present in sugar cane and are good for health are completely removed. This is a fact that our age old beloved sweetener, that is sugar does no good to our body and simply makes us overweight and diabetic. Sugar provides 4 calories per gram or 16 calories in a teaspoon of 4 gms. Undoubtedly sugar is the worst of the 3 but still our body can easily put up with small quantity of sugar, we should however be at least strict with the limits, if we cannot give up eating sugar. 




Jaggery may be called unprocessed sugar, it is more natural and contains some essential nutrients. Jaggery is formed by crushing Sugarcane and heating the juice obtained and finally solidifying to form blocks. 

Jaggery is better than sugar since it contains small amount of B vitamins, iron and magnesium. But jaggery is also high in calories, 4 gms of jaggery contains 15 calories. Jaggery taken in same proportion of sugar contributes less towards obesity, is less harmful for diabetes compared to sugar and have certain health benefits also. Jaggery helps to cleanse the liver and prevents constipation. 


Honey is natural, free from chemicals and contains natural nutrients. Honey is a sweet syrup formed by honey bees by collecting flower nectar, it is very natural just purified before distribution. It contains 40% fructose, 30% glucose and 17% water. Honey contains B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Calcium and potassium which are essential for our body. Honey has antioxidants which prevents aging and cell damage.

Honey is a better option for diabetes than both sugar and jaggery. One teaspoon of 4 gms of honey contains 13 calories but since honey is sweeter than sugar, it’s quantity required to sweeten might also be reduced. Further honey has many health benefits like it improves good cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. Honey contains B vitamins and Vitamin C which strengthens our immunity. Replacing sugar and jaggery with honey and honey being sweeter, consuming lesser quantity of honey might facilitate overall physical fitness. It should be remembered that honey is rich in calories and excess of it might erase all the benefits it has in store for us.


Calorie density

Calorie density is simply the amount of calories a product has in relation to other nutrients. We have seen that sugar, jaggery and honey as well, all three are high in calorie density and this is not a good new for those conscious of losing their weight. 

Some facts

1. All the three – Sugar, jaggery and honey are rich in calories, but sugar is known as empty nutritional and has no health benefits. 


2. On the other hand Jaggery and honey have some nutritional value and health benefits, honey particularly contains anti oxidants and prevents aging by slowing damage to our cells. 


3. Jaggery contains iron and magnesium while honey contains Vitamin B and Vitamin C. 


4. Despite the benefits of jaggery and honey we should not forget that they too are rich in calories and should be taken in limits, excess can make us victims of obesity. Honey is safer compared to sugar and jaggery for diabetes, but even honey should not be taken in excess.  



From the above discussion, we have seen that it is best to switch to honey, 2nd best to switch to jaggery, sugar is the worst. Also it should be noted that though jaggery and honey contains some essential nutrients, they too are rich in calories and their excess will lead to over weight and other health issues. 

So training our taste buds to switch from sugar to honey and/or jaggery is needed and at the same time we should also train our taste buds not to adore sweet a lot. Many times foods that are bitter are far healthier than foods that are sweet. But we should not belittle our taste buds altogether, having little sugar and little sweets will not be harmful.