Stay positive - Stay contented

Power of Positive thinking

Positive mindset - Stay positive and happy

Our positive attitude reflects on our personality, people love the company of a person who is contented and radiates happiness rather than being in the company of a person who is dull and always complaining. Further the more dissatisfied we are the faster will be our aging process.


If we have more of a negative approach towards things around us or constantly complaining about something we will start relishing the old age much before it actually sets in. So staying positive and staying happy has a say on our physical fitness as well, it keeps us active and mentally sharp. 


Power of positive thinking

What causes one to be negative and depressed

Well, I dont want to make the topic unnecessarily lengthy and come straight to the point. If one does not regularly practice pranayama or meditation, considering all the stress and frustration one is subjected to in modern life, it would be a herculean task to be positive and happy. Huge competition, increased exposure to computer screens, adulteration in foods, rising levels of pollution, our mad craze for material success, hectic responsibilities we need to meet, stress in daily lives, stress in relations… the list is endless and all these can have a negative impact on our body, brain and mind, including the way we think, behave and react. 


So it becomes more essential amidst today’s modernization that we practice meditation and pranayama regularly. Below are some common factors that may lead to negative thinking, stress and may even make us quarrelsome



  • Over work and non-involvement in recreational activities.
  • Lack of enough sleep.
  • Lack of exercise.
  • Being more in the past instead of the present
  • Lack of communication or expression of feelings.

Staying positive during difficult times

We have seen how negativity and dissatisfaction fastens our aging process and on the same grounds we will not understand the power of positive thinking. Being positive and contented can slow down our aging process, boosts our mental fitness and brings a glow on our face.


Well some people think that if they had a lot of money, they would be the happiest men/women in the world. But one big fact is that no one in the
world gets everything he wants, there will be always certain things that he
wants but he don’t have. Except God, no one is perfect and everyone have
certain deficiencies that he has to deal with, be it in terms of money, health,
relations etc. 


If money could buy all the happiness then Mukesh Ambani or Bill Gates would be the happiest people in the world. But believe me it is certainly not true, they still have concerns to deal with and anxieties to get past. So the thing to remember is that contentment is the mother of all happiness, one who is always unsatisfied with what he has cannot be happy.  It is not bad to work and achieve success in the world, it is also not bad to expect more but we should ensure that we are not becoming victim to a never ending thirst for
more and more.


Are we negatively inclined?

Not to worry even if we are, it’s not so disastrous if we are negative, the thing is we work to change our attitude. Suppose if we always complain about what we don’t have, we better start highlighting what we have. Instead of complaining God for what he has not given to us, lets start appreciating what God has given to us, he has made each one of us unique. 


We all have natural gifts and talents and instead of exploiting them if we keep crying on what we don’t have, we might miss out on some really big achievements that we could attain. Being positive makes us success oriented and being negative makes us failure oriented, like if we start some work thinking that it’s too difficult for me, then we work with a negative orientation and we actually cannot give it our best. Instead if we start something thinking positively, like even if it is difficult I can do it, I will work with dedication till I achieve it or fulfill it, then we will actually give it our best and get the best results. 


How to be positive?

Well in the first place regular Meditation and Pranayama are the unfailing tools when it comes to self development, being positive, feeling contented, increasing clarity and expanding our level of understanding. Meditation helps us to get rid of the negative clutter, feelings and emotions and become more positive and vibrant. 

Next we can take the first steps towards positivity by starting to be grateful to God for what he has bestowed upon us instead of complaining of what he has not. Further, positive replacements like thinking I can do instead of I cannot do helps but we also have to match our thinking with action. Great dreams are not realized by mere thinking we have to work with determination and again Meditation and Pranayama can help us by increasing our Will power, determination and physical and mental fitness. If we keep thinking I can construct a big house, I can construct a big house, it will not make the big house grow by itself from underneath the surface of the earth but it will give us the confidence to work and actually construct a big house. If on the other hand we think that constructing a big house is totally impossible for me, it is beyond my capacity we might never even take the preliminary initiatives to construct a house. 

Apart from pranayama and meditation, there are two very important things we can do to be more positive and charming persons as follows


1. Be grateful to God :

Remember God has given us everything without expecting anything in return. God is the biggest and the ultimate giver, he has given us brain, eyes, hands and ears. He has given us the air to breath, water to drink and the sunshine. What God has given to us…the list is endless and even if he is making us suffer then there ought to be some reason behind it. Though the reasons might not be clearly understandable or beyond our capacity to comprehend things, there is still no room to doubt the benevolent nature of God. 


Without thy mercy we cannot even imagine another day, we owe God every breath that we take. Oh I am not a big devotee of God but I always appreciate the facts and I am also not into spreading Hinduism because by whatever name you call God, his form and nature will not change.


2. Don’t immerse too much in some problem or failure


Immerse deeply in meditation that will be a great thing but do not immerse deeply in some problem, weakness, shortcoming or failure. We often have the tendency to magnify our own problems and understate the problems of others. When one is undergoing some difficulty in life and keeps complaining about it, we can firmly state, ” oh he is making a mess of such a little thing, he can easily overcome it if he just gives up his laziness or works a bit harder and all”. 


But if the same problem strikes us we might have an entirely different perspective. So the stress caused by our constantly thinking about our problems, can be a bit alleviated by renouncing our problems. Renouncing our problems will not remove our problems but if we think that our problems are not ours but somebody else’s, it will mitigate its severity and help us find a solution for it. 

Our brain is trained to deal with threats

A good example is that if wee think of building castles in the air that would not be positive thinking but it would amount to unrealistic thinking. Now I will try to illustrate the point with another example, suppose we see a lion 15 meters away, so which one of the two is better way of thinking.


1. The lion is still 15 meters away, it’s quite far I need not be serious about it. or

2. The lion is near, it is only 15 meters away, I need to be fully alert.


Certainly the 2nd one is better because it is more realistic. God has given our brain an amazing ability to deal with threats and the sooner we are aware of a threat, the better we can prepare ourselves to handle it. So we cannot relax our brain by affirming that the lion is still 15 metes away from us. 


On the same lines it is better to see the threat of Covid-19 virus mindfully and with as many as 40000 cases tested positive(at the time of writing the post), we should at any cost follow the advises given by our Doctors. It would be just silly or rather vicious to say that only 40000 people in India are infected so far and it being not such a big concern, I need not follow the advises given by my doctor and I can freely venture out of my house. 


It is not any bravery or positive thinking but it is rather an insane thinking. However we should not allow this tendency of our brain to deal with threats to turn into pessimism. A few more examples here


1. Instead of always crying that we did not got a chance to study further after graduation, we could be more positive by affirming ourselves that we at last had the opportunity to graduate and further think how best we can utilize it.


2. Instead of comparing ourselves with one of our Millionaire friend and crying over the fact that we do not have as much money as he has, it is better to be thankful and happy that we have enough resources to sustain ourselves properly. Remember even if we are not millionaires or billionaires, what we have, many people on earth don’t have.



Finally I would like to conclude by saying that optimism is good, realistic thinking is good but pessimism and unrealistic thinking are bad and disagreeable

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