Meditation - Dive Deep
Regular pranayama to stay fit and healthy

Meditation - Its practice and benefits

A word about meditation

I would say that meditation is concentrating on our inner self. It is the process of calming down our body and soothing our tissues and muscles. Meditation is not just “one of the” but it is “the best” remedy for depression, meditation is the best tonic for our brain, mind and beyond that it can awaken our true inner potential withing us. 

Techniques of meditation : There are many techniques of meditation that are being thought across the world like walking meditation, standing meditation, meditation on one leg, visualizations and so on but I would only deal with the form of meditation that is oldest, most powerful and simple to do (at least on the face of it). 

People are often offered a variety of techniques in meditation and often asked to chose the right techniques that suits him well. But this often leads to choice overload and people often find it confusing as to which techniques of meditation to chose, when to do a particular technique of meditation and how much and so on. Instead of making the topic lengthy, I would rather keep it concise and  meaningful and come straight to my technique of meditation, which I call ” Universal Meditation”, which is concentrating on the “Third eye”  and diving deep in the silence. 


Deep silence can establish our communication with God

My way of teaching pranayama or meditation is not reading articles on the internet and reproducing them here, whatever I am writing is out of my own experience and awareness. Again I am not a spiritual teacher or guru and I will try to keep things scientific as far as possible. Still those who believe in God, amidst deep silence, pacifying calmness and concentration on the third eye, it is the best time to communicated with God, be it  about thanking the almighty for all the blessings he has bestowed upon you, me and the world. You may also talk to God about things that you feel are necessary for you, after all God is the biggest giver. 


However I, not being a spiritual teacher, will not write much about it and leave this area for people to explore themselves. But I will surely talk of the straight benefits of meditation that are manifestation of our inner potential, strengthening us physically and mentally etc. Meditation is an excellent process of making us a more positive person and increasing our clarity and level of self-awareness. Please also read our article on Stay positive and happy


How to do meditation

1. Sit in a comfortable position on a clean cloth or a Yoga mat, your back should be straight.


2. Close your eyes and concentrate on the “Third Eye”, the point on your forehead between the eyebrows. You may imagine an “Om symbol”, “A Cross” or a ” light glowing” at your third eye and concentrate on that, this will help you fix your concentration at a particular point. Experience the divine peace and silence that is all-pervading within you and dive deep in that silence. You may also chant “Om” or some short slogans in the praise of God if it helps you in concentration.


How much to do

You can being with 5 mins of meditation and then slowly increase it and with practice you can meditate for an hour or more at a stretch. Remember meditation is not just about sitting and closing your eyes, it is actually about shutting down your consciousness from the outside world and concentrating on your inner self. You should at least do meditation twice every day as follows

1.  5 to 10 mins of meditation in the morning or in the evening, after your pranayama or workout can be really refreshing. Meditation after hectic workouts, cools down and heals our body. 

2. Its a great habit to meditate for 15 mins to an hour or more every night before sleep. If it is not possible for you to meditate at night, then you can also do meditation at any other time of the day suitable for you. Challenge yourself preferably every night before sleep as to how long you can do meditation and how deep you can dive.

Third eye and it's importance

As we all know that third eyes refers to the point on our forehead, a little above between our eyebrows. On the spiritual side of it, third eye has high importance and is considered as the gateway to higher forms of consciousness. 


Practicing meditation and concentrating on our third eye in deep silence is certainly the highest form of worship to God. It is in this silence that we can achieve clarity about many things and our awareness of our own self and it’s connection with God increases. This is the beauty of meditation but being able to meditate deeply and dive deep takes a long time and continuous efforts. 


How simple is meditation?

As already said, being able to meditate deeply and dive deep takes a long time and continuous efforts, it’s not easy. On the face of it meditation looks so simple, what we are doing just closing our eyes and in the silence concentrating on the Third eye, we are not asked to lift 10 Kgs of load and walk 5 miles. 


But meditation is still not so easy, believe me our own mind distracts us with a whole lot of thoughts and keeping it in check is not that easy. Going deep in meditation is actually a very difficult thing to do, I am not discouraging anyone but we have to progress slowly and with consistent efforts. Please also read our separate article on “Going deep in Meditation“, where we have discussed in detail about how to go deep in meditation and how certain things can be helpful for doing the same. 


More recommendations

Meditation, mind and thoughts

Do we need to become thoughtless during meditation or fight with the flow of our thoughts or what ?

Some people say that in meditation you need to become thoughtless and some people say that you should fight your thoughts unless you win the battle and emerge in a thoughtless state of mind. 


But literally is it ever possible to be in a thoughtless state for an hr, 10 mins or even 5 mins? 


Not at all. Those who ask others to be thoughtless in meditation, can they themselves remain thoughtless for even 5 mins? 

Again NO.


And even if it possible, it is possible only for a few 0.1% people and takes decades of dedicated meditation for being able to fully control our mind and concentrate on the 3rd eyes without any flow of thoughts, but what for the else 99.9% of people who want to do meditation. Well instead of trying to control or fight our thoughts, what we need to do is get disconnected with the thoughts. 


Let the thoughts flow, we mind our own business and try to keep our focus on the Third eye. Try not to mingle with the thoughts and with slow and consistent efforts, as we dive deeper in meditation we will eventually progress and attain states of highest realizations. 

Meditation -Instructions to follow and benefits

1. Breathing should be natural during meditation, neither two slow nor too fast

2. Wear comfortable cloths, neither too tight nor too lose.

3. There is no restrictions as such and meditation can be done any time during the day, as and when you get the time to be free from worldly chores and explore yourself. However it is advisable to do meditation in the morning at the end of Pranayama for 5 to 15 mins and in the night before sleep for 15 mins to 1 hr. Serious long term practitioners of meditation can do meditation for up to 4 hrs.

4. Regularity is important, for best results meditation should be done daily, 7 days a week and 365 days in a year (366 days if it is a leap year). Meditation should be prioritized in our lives and properly scheduled, remember the secret to success lies in prioritizing what is more important in our lives and scheduling our priorities. For meditation chose a quiet place that is free from disturbances, if you need shut yourself behind a door to avoid any sort of distractions during meditation. After all it’s worth being with yourself and exploring your divinity within you.

5. Meditation does not involve any exercise and it’s just concentrating and exploring your divine self within, hence meditation can be done just 30 mins after meals or dinner.

6. Sit straight while meditation and keep your spine straight. Actually even when you are not meditating or doing pranayama, you should always sit straight and avoid bending your spinal cord. Sitting straight strengthens your core and provides support for your spinal.

The benefits of meditation are immense and beyond what we can even imagine but having said this, it is also essential that we do Meditation regularly and consistently to reap it’s amazing benefits.  Below we will highlight a few benefits of meditations but remember these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg, there is a lot to Meditation beyond these benefits.

1.  Today more and more people are becoming victims of stress and depression. In the racefor worldly success many of us are always in a hectic run against time, our mind is filled with anxiety, we are forgetting our own selves and the values that our ancient sages have given to us. Now it’s scientifically confirmed that Meditation can relieve our mind of this stress, anxiety and can actually cure depression. What an amazing, natural and divine way to fight depression, isn’t it?

2. Meditation calms our mind, it eliminates negativity and bring in positivty within us. Regular Meditation improves our brains functionality and increases our problem solving and decision making skills. Meditation increases our empathy and brings in more clarity so that we can better understanding each other, after all the reason for disharmony in relations today is lack of understanding.  The deep state of calmness and peace that Meditation induces can reestablish our connection with our creator, the Almighty.

3. Meditation is the highest form of worship to God and I am not telling this on my own accord, this has been firmly stated by our past sags and Gurus. It’s easy to visit temples and fold our hands before God and then get busy with our daily worldly commitments, but it really takes a lot of efforts, dedication and devotion to sit down in silence and in the depths of peace and tranquility explore the divine self that is within all of us.

4. Meditation can help us give up smoking, drinking, gambling and other bad habits that are hard to give up. We are now seeing that starting from youths, a vast majority of our population is addicted to smoking, drinking and gambling. Overcoming substance abuse is surely a tough task  but Meditation can certainly provide an answer. Undoubtedly Meditation makes us more spiritual, it enhances our conception and realization of God. Meditation helps us manifest our divine will and then it becomes too hot for these bad habits to continue to stay with us.

5. Meditation promotes our physical well being and emotional health too. When we regularly practice meditation our blood circulation improves and there is better supply of oxygenated blood throughout our body. With meditation we are more aware of our thoughts and also in better control of what we think and what we do, Our capacity to understand and appreciate things increases to higher levels than before. this increases our emotional control and promotes our emotional health.

6. Meditation increases our concentration and our awareness, this makes us more and more productive in our daily lives. After all Meditation is a form of concentration and regular meditation helps us to be more focused in whatever we do, this means that we apply the actual potential of our mind while doing any work and remember the potential of our mind is infinite.  Considering that we all have so many distractions in this technology driven world, it becomes extremely necessary that we start practicing meditation and include this divine exercise in our every day life.

7. Meditation is the best tonic for our mind and brain, it is the greatest pacifier for our anxieties and worries, medical studies have now proved that Meditation has amazing results in migraine, hypertension and age related memory loss.

8. Meditation boosts our immunity and strengthens the aura energy that surrounds us and protects us. We all know that Earth has a magnetic field that protects us from the harmful radiations of the Sun, without it we would be wiped out by the harmful radiations of the same Sun that sustains life on Earth. Similarly we

have a layer of energy that protects our body from diseases and calamities but this layer of energy is becoming weaker, as we are becoming more and more materialistic and nonspiritual. Meditation empowers our immune system and also the natural aura energy that surrounds our body and if we all begin to do Pranayama and Meditation daily then we can easily overpower outbreaks, like the one of Covid-19 that is hammering the world now.

Certainly no one should avoid Meditation, everyone should do Meditation regardless of their religion, color, caste or health conditions.  Meditation can be done by post operated people or even during an operation, when it is not possible to sit, we can do meditation by concentrating on the Third Eye even when we are lying on  the operation bed and undergoing a surgery.   This will help us naturally alleviate the sensation of pain and when we remember God in Meditation, that will certainly pave path for better outcomes from the surgery.

Even pregnant women can do Meditation and actually pregnant women should do Meditation, studies how that pregnant women who do meditation give birth to more healthy babies and have lesser complications. If it is not possible  to sit on the floor for Meditation, then a person can do meditation sitting on a comfortable chair or even while lying on a bed.

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