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Deep meditation - How to go deep in meditation?

Going deep in Meditation

On the “Meditation” main page we have seen the amazing benefits of meditation and how it can transform us into a more mentally and spiritually developed person. But the main secret lies in diving deep in Meditation. To find the pearls and diamonds, a diver has to dive deep into the sea or ocean, and similarly to have the spiritual pearls and diamonds we also have to dive deeper in meditation. Shallow meditation with our mind wandering all around, our brain driven by all sorts of distracting thoughts, will not do that much good. 


Remember I am not saying that such shallow meditation is useless or waste of time, I am just saying that it’s not as good and powerful as deep meditation. Further everyone in begInning can only do shallow meditation and only after long practice, he or she can achieve the higher levels of depths in meditation. 


how to do deep meditation

Unlimited potential of deep meditation

On our main page on Meditation, we have learned how to do meditation and how to concentrate or focus on our “Third eye”. What we achieve through meditation depends on how deep we are able to go in meditation. Deep meditation is the ultimate aim for a man and can help him attain deliverance or salvation, whatever you call it. This is on the spiritual side, there are Ocean-full of scientific benefits of meditation as well and the deeper you dive in meditation, the more pronounced will be the benefits. 


Now that we have seen the unlimited potential of deep meditation, we should actually build our capacity to dive deeper in meditation. Diving deep in meditation is not a days job, it;s really a tough job, we need to practice meditation consistently for several years to achieve the feat. 


We need not discourage or lose hopes if in our beginning days we only end up doing shallow meditation and are not able to immerse deep in meditation. No one can in their beginning days or months. Please read on and you will find how certain things or practices can help you to eventually dive deeper and deeper in meditation



How to dive deep in Meditation?

Now without wasting much time lets come to the core topic of this article. How to go deep in Meditation or how to dive deep in meditation?


Actually this is a lengthy topic and a book can be written about it but I will try to keep it short and concise and at the same time include everything that is essential and important for the subject. Now our mind is the biggest wanderer, it keeps wandering and get merged with zillions of thoughts through out the day. Here I remember the famous quote of Swami Vivekananda, “It is much easier to do anything upon the external plane, but the greatest conquerer in the world finds himself a mere child when he tries to control his own mind”. We have to control our own self, we have to control our own mind and we can control everything else. 


So, it’s not so simple to keep our mind focused and concentrated on one thing for long but there are certain things that can offer us huge help for doing the same, which we will be discussing now. 


1. Pranayama

Yes you have read it rightly, when it comes to diving deeper in meditation, anything that can really help us largely is Pranayama. It helps us to have a pleasant state and naturally calms our mind. So regular pranayama helps us to eventually dive deeper and deeper in meditation. 


Remember consistency is a big word, it’s not that today we decided to do pranayama and meditation and tomorrow we will  excel in meditation, No, it takes time and efforts. Breathing exercises of pranayama reduces stress and anxiety, which are a huge hindrance in deep meditation. So apart from pranayama being a great natural healer, it also provides us a huge helping hand for meditation and mind control. Actually Pranayama and meditation offers us a complete package for self-awareness, self-control and self-realization.  


2. Little efforts but consistency

Consistency is a big thing. We might not be able to dive deep in meditation and do it for an hour in the beginning, but what ever efforts we make to sit in meditation even for 5 or just 2 mins will count. The thing is we be consistent and disciplined in our approach. 

Let’s say we plan to sit for meditation, just for 5 minutes everyday, then it should be EVERY DAY. We should not find lame excuses to bunk meditation on any day but we should actually have the will to meditate every day, whatever may come. When there is consistency with this 5 minutes of meditation everyday, then our Will-power will develop dynamically and will give us the way to eventually dive deeper and deeper in Meditation.


3. Concentration on the third eye with some affirmations

Concentrating on the Third eye is what we are doing in our meditation and some affirmations or chanting of divine words like Om can be helpful. As we know, Third eye refers to the point on our forehead, a little above between our eyebrows. We can also visualize the Om symbol or some light or a cross on the third eye, and fix our focus and attention on it, this will surely help us remain long in meditation and to exercise a control on our mind. 


4. Dont feel bad about the thoughts

Your mind is too powerful and it is designed by God such that it can process countless thoughts throughout the day. So it is, but natural that you experience your mind wandering away, getting immersed in some useless thoughts or get distracted every now or then. 

But do not feel bad about it and instead try to consciously fix your focus on the third eye. Bring back your focus on the third eye whenever you find yourself losing the focus or concentration. Finally don’t mingle with the thoughts, let it flow and you remain detached from it and firm in your concentration. Please also read our paragraph “Meditation, mind and thoughts” in the “Meditation” main page. 

5. Experience the bliss of deep Meditation

During meditation, you will have moments when your mind is relatively more stable and unified, allowing your to better concentrate on the third eye or object of meditation like an Om symbol, white light or anything. Experience the bliss of being in such divine silence and pacifying moments, try to hold on to that state for long. and immerse deeper in that state. Teach your mind how joyful it is to be in that state of inner joy and peace and then you will find it lesser difficult to dive deeper and deeper in meditation. 


What is brain and what is mind?

In most simple terms, our brain is part of our body, located at the top of our head and controls the body. While our mind is the invisible or subtle part of us that thinks, that argues, that feels, imagines, understands etc. Our mind does the job of loving or hating a person, it can imagine ourselves being on the moon or even on a supermassive black hole. Our mind has unlimited potential and one who can control his mind can conquer anything. Again there are two types of mind, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, I will have a separate topic soon on the power of mind.