Exercises for betterment of love live

Exercises for better love live


Come on, I don’t need to be more precise than this, everyone is smart enough to understand what I mean by love life. Everyone of us wants to improve our love life and improve our love experiences with our partners. But everything comes with a price, don’t worry we are not asking you to pay us aything but we are certainly asking you to come out of your comfort zone, not too far as these exercises given here are more or less quite simple to do.


Little warm up first

The exercises given here are quite simple to do, hence a little warm up aerobic exercise like jogging or running about 5 minutes or 2 sets of jumping jacks with 10 reps in each set, is enough. However if you are not just planning to do these exercises given here alone but are planning to do a whole strenuous workout, then you need to do the entire Warm up as given on our website.


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Meditation, pranayama and love life

It is obvious that no other love is free, other than that of our parents and every other love, we have to earn it. So being physically and mentally fit has a big role in enjoying our love life with our life partners. Also the solution to increasing number of sexual crimes lies in increasing “self control” and Meditation and pranayama is indispensable for meeting this purpose.

Increasing the awareness among people about the immense benefits of meditation and pranayama serves the two main purposes

1. It helps to cure many sexual disorders, sexual debility and increases physical and mental fitness of a person to enjoy his love life

2. It also increase self control and emotional control, so a person can take the right decisions and know his limits. 

Before it gets too lengthy and my readers get bored I would switch to the other aspects of improving a persons love life.

Food and nourishment to nourish your sex life

First of all I would like you to avoid Viagras and it’s kind, they have huge side effects and over time increases your problem more. Instead come to the refuge of Pranayama, exercises and natural foods that help you to get rid of sexual debility. 

1. Protein rich non vegetarian foods are said to boost strength and vitality but I would like people to refrain from non vegetarian foods as much as possible. Further there is no shortage of protein rich vegetarian foods. You can derive huge amounts of proteins by increasing consumption of whole grains, nuts, beans, green peas etc, and these are safe for your heart too.

2. Ashwagandha, which is an important herb in Ayurveda has many health benefits and have proven benefits in treating sexual disorders and debility. It is helpful for both women and men but especially in men, studies have shown that it increases testosterone and fertility in men. Want more benefits from Ashwagandha, it increases your muscle mass and strength and so body builders can opt for it instead of protein supplements which are risky.

3. Divya Yaunamrit and Chandraprabhavati are prepared by Patanjali from several useful herbs like

  • Ashwagandha (Withaniasomnifera)
  • Konch Shuddha (Mucuna pruriens) 
  • Satavar(Asparagus racemosus)
  • Safed Musli(Chlorophytum arundinaceum) 

Research carried by Swami Ramdev have shown that they have huge benefits for people with sexual disorders and they also increase vitality, they are safe.  So instead of taking chemically rich medicines with numerous side effects, we better resort to pranayama, exercise and herbal medicines that are safe and actually treats the condition.

Dosage : Chandraprabhavati one tablet in the morning and one tablet in the evening. Yaunamrit 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening. These tablets can be taken with milk in the morning and after dinner, with water.

Some useful exercises for better love life

Without wasting time, now lets discuss some useful exercises that helps to achieve a better love life.

1. Walking/Jumping Lunges

Besides keeping the thrill alive in our love life, this exercise have a lot of other benefits as well and especially strengthens our legs.

How to do Walking lunges

1.Stand straight with your legs shoulder width apart, the width can be slightly changed as you are comfortable. You can keep your arms on your hips or move them as you move into left or right lunges.

2. Start with your left leg and take a step forward with your left leg, lower your body towards the floor bending both your knees to come to a lunge position. Your right knee slightly remains off from touching the ground, spine should be straight and your left knee should stay above your left foot. 

3. Without moving your left foot, raise up and step your right leg forward. Bend both your knees to come to the lunge position again. 

4. This completes one repetition. 

  • 1. Stand straight with your legs shoulder width apart, the width can be slightly changed as you are comfortable. You can keep your arms by your side or keep them on your hips or move them as you move into left or right lunges.


A simple variation of this is to hold dumbles in both your hand or some weight of 3 or 5 kgs. another variation is the jumping lunges which is a bit harder, you can do any of them, all are good. If you are comfortable with walking lunges do that with or without weights, and if you find it easier just add a little jump element to it and do the jumping lunges.

How to do Jumping lunges

1. Stand straight with your legs shoulder width apart, the width can be slightly changed as you are comfortable. You can keep your arms by your side or keep them on your hips or move them as you move into left or right lunges.

Juming/Walking lunges-Instructions to follow and benefits

Please follow all the instructions given in the main page of “Exercise” and also these additional instructions.

1. Breath smoothly while doing the exercise.

2. Keep you spine straight and core engaged, avoid leaning forward too much.

3. When you step forward, ensure that you don’t step too far or too near, so that your torso and hips are vertically down

4. When you bend your forward knees make sure you are putting most of your weight on your front foot and not on your knees.

5. If doing jumping lunges is a bit hard for you, start with walking lunges and do it for 10 days and then doing jumping lunges will be quite easy for you.

1. Walking or jumping lunges strengthens the core muscles, shapes and strengthens our legs .

2. It releases tightening of the muscles that people develop due to sitting for a long time before a computer and improves the flexibility of hip flexors.

3. Helps in stretches by lightening up the hamstrings and glutes.

4. Walking or jumping lunges ensures proper flow of blood to your pelvic region and in turn helps in betterment of your love life.

No one can be advised to avoid deep breathing because avoiding breathing is like avoiding life and the deeper our breathing is, the better it is for us. 

However pregnant women or a post operated person should perform deep breathing slowly, there should not be any sound of breathing. 

Running / Jogging

We have a good news for you. A simple exercise like running, besides being a great whole body workout also helps you to improve your sexual health. Scientific research shows that running helps to increase testosterone in men and is a great aphrodisiac for both men and women. To know about running and its benefits please read our article on “Running/Jogging” in “Best Aerobic exercises” page

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