Exercise - increase your strength and Vitality

Best exercises for fitness - with proper instructions

A word about exercise

Our talk on health and well being will remain incomplete if we do not highlight the importance and benefits of regular exercise. Exercise can include anything from a range of enjoyable activities like swimming, playing cricket, tennis, to activities like morning or evening walk, climbing stairs etc. 


Remember activities bring strength and energy to your body and lack of activities is actually harmful for your body and decreases it’s vitality. Leading a dull and sedentary life invites diseases.


Best exercises for fitness - bodyandmindwellness.in

Why exercise is important?

Well in the first place exercise is essential because it boosts our physical and mental well being. Exercise helps us to be more positive, feel better and live a longer and healthier life. With advancement in technology we are forced to work for long hours on computers, our jobs demand a lot of time from us and we often fail to give time to something that is actually more important. 


Yes, more important because we will be able to work hard as long as our body permits us to work hard and if we feel we are too busy to do any exercise, then our body starts complaining. When our body starts complaining, then we might need to put aside all other works and take out time no matter what, to
see the doctor and take the treatment. We might also need to take out our hard-earned savings to cater to the medical bills. 


So I think this might be enough to stress the importance of meditation, pranayama and exercise and motivate a person to take out some time for them. After all exercise increases our energy level and boosts our working efficiency too.  



Types of exercises

Exercises or physical activities can fall into 4 basic categories. 


1. Aerobic exercises

2. Strength training exercises

3. Stretching exercises

4. Balancing exercises


To get the best levels of fitness we need to indulge into a few exercises from each of the 4 categories i.e. Aerobics, strengthening, stretching and balancing exercises. However if you want to build you six pack you might need to focus on certain exercises more, if you want to build your biceps you need to focus on certain exercises more and so on. We will be discussing them in detail through our website.


We often do what we are comfortable with but ignore the others that we are not comfortable with. But remember to reap the true benefits we need to come out of our comfort zone.


How to do an exercise and how much to do

We have given detailed information about the best exercises for fitness, how to do the exercises and instructions for doing the exercises, on our website. So to learn how to do a specific exercise and how much to do it, you need to read carefully the information and instructions for that specific exercise.


Scheduling Meditation, pranayama and exercises in our everyday life

There are certain basic questions that many people commonly have in their mind. We have answered these questions

What is more important exercise or pranayama?

What are the best exercises for fitness that I can do?

Can I do Pranayama and meditation along with other high intensity exercises or workouts?

Which exercises I should do in the beginning, in the middle and at the end and when I should do pranayama and meditation?

Is it good to do physical workouts in the morning along with Pranayama and Meditation, or it is better to do the workouts in the evening?

Read on and read carefully and you will be answered all your doubts and questions. As a basic rule more priority should be given to Pranayama and meditation. High intensity exercises demand a level of physical fitness and therefore some people are advised not to do them, but Pranayama and meditation almost everyone can do. For a fitness lover it is important to do all the three: Meditation, Pranayama and exercises but if your focus is not on building a very strong body and don’t want to give much time for it, then you should at least do Meditation and Pranayama and some simple aerobic exercises like walking everyday.  

If on any day you feel reluctant to do your workout or feel very tired then you can omit the workout and just do Meditation and pranayama. Also remember that our own mind does not want to easily come out of it’s comfort zone, so passion and commitment is required to realize our fitness goals. So it’s a good idea to do physical workouts, meditation and pranayama regularly.

Time gap after lunch is important : If you are doing Pranayama or physical workout in the evening, you need to allow a gap of at least 5 hrs after you have your meals, 45 mins after you have any fruit/vegetable juice or 15 minutes after you drink water. You can drink or eat 30 minutes after you do your Pranayama or workout.

Meditation at the end : Meditation relaxes your body & Mind, meditation comforts your body and meditation eases the tension created in your body due to strengthening and stretching exercises. So 5 to 10 minutes of meditation is great for cooling down your body after physical workouts and therefore should be done at the end of pranayama and physical workouts.

Meditation at night before sleep : Do not forget to meditate for 30 mins to an hour before proceeding to sleep, every night.

Which time is best for doing Pranayama, Meditation and exercises

1. Well first of all morning time is best for Pranayama and meditation and on priority you should first of all allocate an appropriate time for them. However if you don’t have enough time in the morning, then you should do pranayama and meditation in the evening, but in any case they should form part of our every day life. 

2. Now coming to exercises, high intensity and strengthening exercises are preferably done in the evening between 5:00 Pm to 7:00 PM. After 7:00 PM our body has a tendency to relax and so strengthening or stretching exercises are to be avoided after 7:00 Pm. 

3. So it is advisable to do Pranayama and meditation in the morning from 5:00 AM to 7:00 AM and physical workouts in the evening between 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

4. If you don’t have enough time in the morning, then you can do all the three : Pranayama, meditation and physical workout in the evening fom 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

5. If you don’t have enough time in the evening, then you can do all the three : Pranayama, meditation and physical workout in the morning fom 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM.

6. Doing all the three : Pranayama, meditation and physical workout asks a certain amount of time from you and if you are not willing to give this much time, then please at least do Pranayama and meditation along with simple aerobic exercises like walking. These will take care of your physical and mental health and save you from becoming victims to many serious health problems and diseases.


Which order is best for doing Pranayama, Meditation and exercises

So there are 3 possible scenarios for doing our daily Panayama, meditation and exercises as follows


1. Pranayama & Meditation in the morning and physical workout  & Meditation in the evening.


2. All Pranayama, meditation and physical workout in the morning


3. All Pranayama, meditation and physical workout in the evening.


As far as exercises are concerned, it is better to do the exercises in the following order.


1. Aerobic exercises and warm up.

2. Balancing exercises.

3. Stretching exercises.

4. Strengthening exercises.


Now if you are doing all the three : Pranayama, meditation and physical workout together, either in the morning or in the evening, you can follow any of the following 6 orders.


1. Aerobic exercises and warm up.

2. Balancing exercises.

3. Stretching exercises.

4. Strengthening exercises.

5. Pranayama or breathing exercises.

6. Meditation. 

1. Pranayama or breathing exercises.

2. Aerobic exercises and warm up.

3. Balancing exercises.

4. Stretching exercises.

5. Strengthening exercises.

6. Meditation.

1. Aerobic exercises and warm up.

2. Pranayama or breathing exercises.

3. Balancing exercises.

4. Stretching exercises.

5. Strengthening exercises.

6. Meditation.

1. Deep breathing

2. Kapal bhati pranayam- 2 Rounds

3. Aerobic exercises and warm up.

4. Balancing exercises.

5. Stretching exercises.

6. Strengthening exercises.

7. Bahaya pranayam.

8. Anulom vilom pranayam – 2 Rounds

9. Meditation.

1. Deep breathing

2. Kapalbhati pranayam- 1st Round

3. Anulom vilom pranayam – 1st Round.

4. Kapalbhati pranayam- 2nd Round.

5. Aerobic exercises and warm up.

6. Balancing exercises.

7. Stretching exercises.

8. Strengthening exercises.

9. Bahaya pranayam.

10. Anulom vilom pranayam – 2nd Round.

11. Meditation.

Note :



1. You can follow any of the 6 orders, all are equally good. You can also switch orders as you like, I mean it is okay if you chose one order for one day and chose another order for the next day and so on. 


2. If you want to do exercise in the middle of your pranayama, then it is advisable to do them after your 2nd round of Kapalbhati, you can see the same in Order#4 and Order#5 above.


3. It is good to do meditation at the end. Pranayama you can do before your physical exercises, after your physical exercises and in the middle of physical exercises. The beauty of Pranayama is that when you do pranayama before your physical workout, it prepares and warms up your body,. When you do pranayama in the middle it energizes your body to do the remaining exercises and when you do pranayama after exercises, it soothes and comforts your body. 



A dose of motivation

I, Gadalay Kapil, being the author and founder of bodyandmindwellnss.in, my aim is to give all the information, pertaining to staying fit and healthy, clearly, in an easy to understand language and ensure that it is accessible to all.  If you take time to read each and every article and post in this website, I am certain that it will be very useful for you and you will get the best breathing techniques, pranayama, meditatation and physical exercises to increase your physical fitness, develop your body and mind. 

Of course if you enroll in a fitness center, the environment there will be encouraging for you to do your exercises and workouts regularly on time but believe me, if you have the determination, will and the information then you can achieve everything, all your fitness related goals even at your own house. If a person lacks the determination than visiting 10’s of fitness centers will do little good to him.

To achieve fitness goals staying at house, to achieve 6-pack abs, for stronger biceps you need passion and this passion will drive you to do the workouts. Remember at home, you need to wake up by yourself, if you have the passion then this passion is enough to wake you up every morning, you might not even need an alarm. “It does not matter how many times you lose because you are born to win. So be consistent, work hard and stop not till the goal is reached”


There are countless websites on the internet that teach about exercises and fitness but you dont find all the information given above, this clearly explained, anywhere else. Most of the websites want you to pay them or visit their fitness centers to get all the complete information but our vision is not money, our vision is health for all. 


So our endeavour is to give all the necessary information, clearly explained on our website. This will facilitate fitness for all, whether rich or poor, whether a person can afford to visit a fitness center or not. Remember if you have the passion and commitment, you can do Pranayama, meditation and physical workouts at home and fulfill all your fitness goals. Further those who want personal training can contact us. 


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Physical workout or Exercises-Instructions to follow and benefits

1. Meditation and Pranayama are extremely safe and can be done by anyone but this is not the case with all the exercises. Some exercises are mild but some exercises like handstand, reverse flips, certain Yogasanas involves lot of strength and should be done with proper practice and with proper techniques. They can be dangerous if instructions are not followed, we are not threatening but we like our readers to read the instructions carefully for each exercise given on our website and then do that exercise.

2. Always remember to do warm up before exercising, this helps prevent injuries, aches and makes your workout more effective. Most of the aerobic exercises like walking, running serves as good warm-up for the body but if you are into more rigorous workouts and strength training exercises then remember to follow our article on wam-up.

3. Stretching and strengthening exercises should not be done for more than 5 days a week. There should be 2 days of rest at least in a week for recovery of our tired muscles and tissues, this boosts long term results. People over straining themselves or striking the Jim 7 days a week often end up injuring themselves. So you can have Saturdays and Sundays for rest or any other two days of the week for that matter but remember to do Pranayama and Meditation on those days as well. Sorry no rest for Meditation and pranayama, take them as your responsibility towards God. 

4. Physical workouts and pranayama should be performed only 5 hours after taking the meal, 45 minutes after taking a juice and 15 minutes after drinking water. You can drink or eat after 30 minutes of your workout or pranayama.

5. It is good to avoid drinking water in between pranayama or physical exercises but if you get Hiccups then you should drink water and resume your pranayama or workout session after 15 mins.  

6. Like warming up your body is essential before doing stretching and strengthening exercises, cooling down your body is also essential. Meditation is a great soother, cooler and pacifier for your body and hence it’s a good idea to conclude your pranayama and physical workouts by doing 5 to 10 minutes of meditation at the end. 

7. Wear smooth cloths while doing pranayama. Your cloths should neither be too lose nor too tight.

8. Breath continuously and do not disturb your flow of breath while doing an exercise. I mean your body is capable of deciding how your breath should be, when you need to breath more deeply or rapidly. Just be free and breath the way you like during the exercise and after doing the exercise. However if you feel over exhausted or find yourself short of breath or struggling to breath, stop the physical workout and take rest. If the situation worsens then you should immediately consult a doctor.  However feeling short of breath and struggling to breath for a while can be normal after doing advanced levels of high intensity workouts but there is a limit and this condition should not extend beyond a few minutes.

9. No matter what exercise you are doing you should always keep your back straight as far as possible. Bending your back gives rise to back pains, spinal cord injuries and even issues of slip disc.

As we have learned that there are 4 categories of exercises and in each category there are numerous exercises, each exercise targeting a particular section of our body. So the benefits of an exercise depends on the type and kind of exercise we are doing, how we are doing that exercise and how regularly. Remember big results demand big dedication and consistency. We will highlight some of the general benefits of doing exercises below

1. Regular exercise helps you to stay cheerful and improve your mood.

2. Exercise helps in weight management : Exercise helps you to burn the unwanted calories and this in turn helps you to reduce your weight. Regular exercise and properly planned food in-take can help you derive amazing results in obesity and also health issues arising due to obesity.

3. Exercise strengthens your muscles and bones. Strength exercises like weight lifting, pull ups help you increase your muscle density and keeps problems like osteoporosis away.

4. Exercises improves your cardiovascular fitness : Lack of exercise is the main cause of increase in belly fats and heart diseases. So daily exercise improves your blood circulation, reduces your belly fat and minimizes your risk of heart diseases and strokes. So when you feel lazy of doing the push ups or lifting your dumbles, just remember the benefits they have in store for you.

5. Exercise can keep your skin glowing and bring back the lost shine on your face.

6. Exercise improves your sex life and relation with your partner. Please read our article on “Exercises for better love life

7. Exercise boosts your confidence : when it comes to confidence, your strength has a big role to play and here I just remember the famous quote of Swami Vivekananda ” Strength is life and weakness is death”. So more exercise – more physical and mental strength.

Well physical activity is essential for everyone, the more sedentary and lazy our lifestyle is, the more prone to diseases we will be, obesity and overweight we will be. So one should not try to find excuses for avoiding exercises but one should actually indulge in physical activities and exercises as far as possible. 

For each exercises we will be listing out its instructions, benefits and who should not do that exercise. Please read those instructions and follow them carefully. All exercises are not suitable for all, you might in certain cases need to take advice of your doctor or avoid an exercise totally. 

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