Best aerobic exercises for whole body workout

Best aerobic exercises - must for everyone

Why Aerobic exercises are so important

Aerobic exercises mainly improves your heart functionality and improves your blood circulation. This thereby ensures that oxygenated blood is properly supplied to all parts of your body and hence play an important role in our physical fitness. Many aerobic execrcises like running, bumpees can be done as a warm up exercise we indulge into other high intensity strength training or stretching exercises.

Power of positive thinking

Take the test

Try climbing 6 floors without taking the help of the lift, well its easy to move from the ground floor to the 6th floor in the lift but how about doing the same on your legs. Test yourself and use the stairs to climb the 6 floors, do not take rest in between, you need not be fast but climb the stairs one by one at normal speed.  At the end check yourself.

Normally this should be a simple thing to do, little increase in heart rate and breathing is normal but did you feel over exhausted? Did you sweat a lot? Do you find yourself short of breath or struggling to take deep breaths? If the answer to any of the above question is yes, that means usually that your heart is unable to bear the pressure of the activity, as simple as climbing stairs. High intensity exercises can leave you short of breath but climbing just 6 floors should not. Don’t worry, Pranayama and Meditation are always there to help you improve your heart and lungs health and boost your physical and mental health. Further Aerobic and other exercises have proven to boost our hearts functionality, clear blockages and improve our fitness level. But you have to take time and do the exercises, reading will give you knowledge but not the actual benefits of Meditation, pranayama and exercises.  Aerobic exercises includes walking, running, jumping, playing table tennis or basketball or any other sports, dancing, cycling, household works like cloth washing or house cleaning etc

How to do deep breathing exercise

Breathing is something that we have been doing right from our birth till date and as long as we breath we will be alive. As the name suggests deep breathing is just about breathing deep and inhaling as much air as you can comfortably inhale without feeling any stress. Lets put it in simple steps


1. Sit in a comfortable position preferably as you would sit in order to do meditation. Close your eyes. 


2. Take a deep breath through your nose and let your breath flow down into your belly, as deep as you comfortably can. The inhalation should be smooth and regular, no need to breath-in in a hurry or apply any force. 


3. Without holding the breath, breath out through you nose. Like inhaling, the exhaling should also be smooth and regular, no need to breath-out in a hurry or apply any force. 



4. Normally the breathing in takes about 4-5 seconds and same time goes for breathing out.



How much to do

Here we are going to list out the best Aerobic exercises for your cardio or whole body workout and which are simple to do. Aerobic exercises are usually done before strengthening, balancing and stretching exercises. You can do a few Aerobic exercises before proceeding to the other exercises for up to 30 minutes and if your workout only comprises of a few aerobic exercises, you can do it up to 45 to 75 mins a day, 5 times a week.


Some of the best Aerobic exercises for you

Today we are used to sitting before computers for long periods of time and we dont even notice that our breathing becomes very shallow. Even when we are engrossed in some other works we might be doing shallow breathing. With shallow breathing, all the cells in our body does not get enough share of oxygen and nutrients, shallow breathing also makes our body feel more stressed. 


So deep breathing and other breathing or pranayama exercises should today be seen as a necessity and prioritized in our lives.


1. At the least walk at least

Brisk walking though a simple exercise has some good benefits. It helps to reduce obesity and increases your heart rate. It can be done by anyone, some people are not suitable for high intensity exercise, arthritis people have limitations to the kind of exercises they can do but everyone should at least do walking.

How to do

Just walk in your natural way, no need to walk slowly or increase your speed. As walking becomes easier for you, you can add some challenges like climbing up a stair, climbing it down and then walking. 

How much to do

If you have a daily workout regime you need not focus on walking much, but if you don’t you need to focus on  walking a lot. Walking being a very simple exercise, people who do not have a daily exercise schedule should walk for at least 30 minutes a day. If walking 30 mins continuously is difficult, you can either take rest in between or walk for 2 or 3 times a day for 15 or 10 mins each time. 

Walking-Instructions to follow and benefits

Walking is the essence of life and movement is one of the characteristics that differentiates the animate from the inanimate. Further walking is the most simple exercise we can think of and the good thing is that still it has some great health benefits. There are not many instructions that can be given related to walking. Just as far as possible walk freely without any tension and you can walk in company of your friends or someone you like, crack jokes to make the time lively. 

1. Increases heart and lungs fitness and reduces the risk of heart attack.

2. Stronger bones, walking is good for arthritis patients who are advised by their doctors not to run or climb stairs a lot.

3. Helps to improve your mood. If your mood is not good then try moving out and taking a walk, it surely can help improve your mood.

4. Walking adds years to your life, walk a mile longer and live a while longer.

2. Running and jogging

Jogging and running are some what inter-related, jogging is running at a slower pace. So jogging can be undertaken by those who want to burn calories a bit faster than jogging and lose weight without overdoing it. Those who want to burn their calories faster and strengthen their bones should indulge in running. Though both are good and have their own benefits, running can make your leg bones stronger than that you can achieve by merely jogging, but running also demands higher efforts and a certain level of fitness from you. Jogging is better for patients with arthritis, heart diseases, however if the problem is mild you can certainly opt for running after consulting your doctor. 

Benefits of running

How to do

Just jog or run at your natural pace, no need to jog or run very fast unless or until you want to participate in a running marathon and that requires special training. Going out in a garden or some good place to jog or run is better but otherwise you can also do spot-jogging o spot-running at the same place in your house.

How much to do

If you are intending to do more strenuous exercises after running, then you can run for 5 minutes at the start. This will warm up your entire body and energize you for doing rest of your exercises. If you want to do only jogging/running or jogging/running along with some low intensity exercises then you can jog/run for 30 mins in 3 rounds of 10 mins each (You can do even more if your fitness level permits you but try not to over do it beyond an hr, please read the instructions). If 10 mins at a stretch is a bit more, you can do 6 rounds of jogging/running of 5 mins each. This will burn the needed fats and give the needed physical boost to your body. 

Please follow all the instructions given in the main page of “Exercise” and these additional instructions.

1. Normally if your heart and lungs functionality is normal, 30 mins of jogging/running in 5 or 10 chunks should not leave you over exhausted. Jogging is mild than running and if you are running listen to your body. Coming out of the comfort zone is good, some tiredness or strain is also good but if you feel too tired or exhausted, you should stop running then and there and even consult a doctor if the discomfort level is high.

2. It is better to run in rounds of 5 mins or 10 mins and take 1-2 minutes rest in between then to run 30 mins or more at a stretch, unless you really have some tough goals set in mind. Jogging is a milder exercises and you can do it for 15 mins or even 30 mins at a stretch if your level of fitness permits you to do so.

3. Try not to jog/run over an hr in a day, this might put more burden on your heart than warranted.

4. 30 mins or more of running or other high intensity exercises should not be done for more than 5 days a week. There should be 2 days of rest at least in a week for recovery of our tired muscles and tissues, this boosts long term results. People over straining themselves or striking the Jim 7 days a week often end up injuring themselves. Jogging however is a mild form of exercise and can be done 6 days a week. Remember to do Pranayama and Meditation each and every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, when you do or when you don’t do other exercises. You can do Pranayama at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of other exercises, as you feel better.

1. Adds years to your life and life to your years. After running/Jogging people usually feel better and more energetic, though there can be a few moments of tiredness.

2. 5 mins of jogging/running is a great warm up for your body. However for high intensity exercises besides  jogging/running you should also do other warm up exercises.

3.   jogging/running strengthens your bones and improves your physical fitness. It is one of the great ways to keep you in shape.

4.  jogging/running helps you to burn calories at a faster pace than walking and so also helps you to better manage your weight. 5. Research has shown that  jogging/running can help you increase your level of confidence.​

1. People with arthritis or heart problems need to consult their doctor before running.

2. Post operation we should avoid jogging/running from 1 week to 1 month as directed by our doctors.

3. Pregnant women should avoid running. However if you have been jogging before your pregnancy, then during the 1st trimester, jogging can be done.​

4. Not much of exemptions here, oh come on I know of people who are above 60 years and they run really well and some of the young boys and girls, who have already started relishing the old age cannot run that well. Aerobic exercises mainly improves your heart functionality and improves your blood circulation. This thereby ensures that oxygenated blood is properly supplied to all parts of your body and hence play an important role in our physical fitness. Many aerobic execrcises like running, bumpees can be done as a warm up exercise we indulge into other high intensity strength training or stretching exercises.

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2. Skipping

We all might have done skipping in our childhood days but after we grew up, most of us have left skipping as if it was some sin that we did when we were a child. During our childhood days we might not have done it to lose weight or for our body workout but we did it for the sake of fun. It can be fun even now, after all, all stress and no fun makes us unhealthy. So grab your old skipping rope or buy a new one and start this adorable, beneficial exercise. It is also a great warm up exercise.

Benefits of running

How to do

Just hold the handle of your rope with your fingers, neither very tightly nor very lightly. Do not jump on your heels while skipping, jump on the balls of your feet.  

Difficulty level : Easy


To make your skipping more challening and fun, you can lift one of your legs by bending the knee and skip on one of your legs. Remembe to do the same number of skips on the other leg as well. This makes the exercise moderately difficult.

How much to do

if you are only intending to do few exercises and skipping is one of them, then you can do up to 5 sets of skipping, each set lasting for about 5 mins. However if you want to do a strenuous physical workout and skipping is just a part of it, then 2 sets of skipping with each set lasting for about 4-5 mins would be ideal. 

Please follow all the instructions given in the main page of “Exercise” and these additional instructions.

1. Move your wrist to swing the rope and not your hands, this provides a good exercise for the wrist as well.

2. Jump on the balls of your feet and not on your heels.

3. Do skipping at a pace you are comfortable with, you dont need to skip too fast or too slow. 

1. Skipping is a great exercise to do if you are over weight, it helps you lose calories faster than running. 5 mins of skipping helps you burn much more calories than 10 mins of running. 

2. Helps to improve eye-muscle coordination.

3. Skipping strengthens your bones , joints and muscles and improves your physical fitness. It is one of the great ways to keep you in shape.

4. Strengthens your core muscles, also shapes and strengthens your legs, prevents injury to your knees.

5. This exercises pretty much involves your heart and lungs and thereby improves their functioning. It prevents cardiovascular diseases, removes blockages and deposits of fats. 

6. It is also fun to do skipping and your mind is more willing to do it. I mean for many strengthening or stretching exercises, our mind puts up resistance and does not readily want to come out of it’s comfort zone but for skipping it’s more willing to get engaged.   To make it more thrilling listen to your favorite music while skipping.

1. People with milld to moderate arthritis or heart problems can do skipping but at a slower pace. 

2. Post operation we should avoid skipping from 1 week to 1 month as directed by our doctors.

3. Pregnant women should avoid skipping. 

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