Kapalbhati Pranayam - Very powerful

Regular pranayama to stay fit and healthy

Practice and benefits of Kapalbhati pranayam

About Kapalbhati prranayam

This is one of the most popular form of pranayama exercises and perhaps also the most advantageous one. Kapalbhati is also my personal favorite which is easy to do but have immense benefits. 


Kapal in Sanskrit means forehead and Bhati means shining, so as the name explains Kapalbhati pranayama can make a person positive, focused and more enlightened.


Power of positive thinking

How to do Kapalbhati pranayam

Kapalbhati is mainly about short, powerful exhales followed by passive inhales.


1. Sit in a comfortable position preferably as you would sit in order to do meditation. Close your eyes.


2. Inhale briefly and exhale sharply through your nose. The inhalation is passive and natural, and your main focus while doing Kapalbhati is on the exhalation which is with a slight force. Notice that your stomach sinks in during exhalation that you do with slight force and the stomach comes to its natural state during inhalation which is natural and passive.



How much to do

If you are doing Kapalbhati pranayama for the first time then it is advisable to do it for just 2 mins  in each round for the 1st week and slowly increase it by a minute every week. So 1st week -2 mins, 2nd week -3 mins, 3rd week – 4 mins and so on until finally you can do Kapalbhati for up to 10 mins. Remember your pranayama session should include 2 rounds of Kapalbhati and each round can be of 2-10 mins. Follow the order given on the main page of “Pranayama“.



We all know how important is the proper functioning of the vital organs in our body like heart, lungs, brain etc. Kapalbhati pranayam improves the functioning of these vital organs and relieves us from chronic diseases like Blood pressure, diabetes, depression etc. 


Our mind is apparently invincible and it’s our own restless mind that is our biggest hindrance for diving deep in meditation. Kapalbhati and Anulom Vilom pranayam purifies our body and mind, naturally calms our mind and improves our concentration, helping us to dive deep in meditation.


So include Kapalbhati pranayam in your every day life, and you include development and success in your life. 


  • Stimulating the body's immunity against common infections like cough & cold, and infections due to seasonal weather changes.
  • Supports overall health & well-being.
  • Enhances overall strength & energy
  • supports digestive system

Kapalbhati pranayam-Instructions to follow and benefits

Kapalbhati is one of the Pranayama or breathing exercises, so all the instructions given in the main page of “Pranayama” should be followed. These additional instructions should also be followed

1. In kapalbhati pranayama the main focus is on exhalation which is done with a slight force, while the inhalation is natural and passive. The stomach sinks in on exhalation and is restored to it’s normal position naturally as the inhalation is natural.  Remember there is no discomfort or strain while doing Kapalbhati pranayam or any other pranayama, instead they are always relaxing.

2. Chronic heart patients or patients with other severe medical conditions can do Kapalbhati slowly.

Kapalbhati pranayama is simple to do but it is infinitely powerful. Kapalbhati is a powerful form of pranayama that purifies our body and also purifies our mind and thereby ensures our spiritual development as well. But here we will not plunge into the spiritual benefits of pranayama and only highlight the benefits on the physical plane. 

1. Regular Kapalbhati pranayam strengthens our brain cells and makes us sharper, positive and more balanced.

2.. As the name says, regular practice of Kapalbhati brings glow on our face and makes our forehead more radiant.

3. Kapalbhati, which involves forced exhalations and passive inhalations, creates a pumping action and this rejuvenates both our heart and lungs. 

4. Regular Kapalbhati and other pranayama exercises as explained in our website can literally cure Blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, obesity, depression etc. Remember in Allopathy there is no cure for blood pressure and diabetes and there doctors can only prevent these diseases from deteriorating, rather than curing the disease.

5. Detoxifies our body and develops our immunity.

6. Helps in acidity and constipation.

7. Research done by Swami Ramdev has proved it that Kapalbhati pranayam is an excellent remedy for cancer and many cancer patients have been seen getting cured by doing Kapalbhati and other pranayam exercises.  So for cancer patients, along with following your doctors advices, it is recommended that all the pranayama exercises mentioned on this website be followed regularly and punctually. 

8. What more I can say about Kapalbhati, it nourishes and strengthens the cells at the tip of our toes and the cells in our brain.

9. Apart from the above list of benefits, which is inclusive and not exhaustive, Kapalbhati pranayam has huge spiritual benefits. Kapalbhati makes us spiritually advanced and brings us nearer and nearer to God. 



1. Kapalbhati pranayam involves forceful exhales therefore people who are sick, have swine flu, suffer from contagious diseases, have symptoms of Covid19 should avoid doing it in the company of other people, otherwise it can be dangerous. Not dangerous for the person doing Kapalbhati but very dangerous for the people with whom he is doing it because he can then become a super-spreader of the disease and infect other people around him. So such people should do pranayama in isolation where no one else is around him within a distance of at least 5 meters. These precautions become very crucial during outbreaks like that of Covid19 happening now, we all have certain responsibilities as a citizen of India. 

2. Pregnant women should not do Kapalbhati pranayam.

3. After a surgery, mainly after a bypass or a heart surgery, a person would require to avoid doing Kapalbhati for a week or more, depending upon the severity of the surgery. Take advice of your doctor.