Bahaya pranayam - Take your energy to higher level

Regular pranayama to stay fit and healthy

Practice and benefits of Bahaya pranayam

About Bahaya pranayam

The word “Bahaya” means outer and as we know pranayama means expansion or regulation of life energy. Bahaya pranayama takes the inner power that is awakened by doing Kapalbhati to the next level. It is advisable to do Bahaya pranayama after doing the two rounds of Kapalbhati pranayama, please follow the order given in the main page of Pranayama.


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How to do Bahaya pranayam

1. Sit in a comfortable position preferably as you would sit in order to do meditation, Close your eyes. 


2. Take a deep breath through your nose and exhale it through your nose, exhaling as much air as possible, squeezing or pulling in your stomach. Hold your breath, bring your head down until your chin touches your chest, hold on till you are comfortable from 10 to 30 secs.


3. Release your stomach and bring your head to its normal position and repeat the above process by taking another deep breath.  

How much to do

If you are doing Bahaya pranayama for the first time then it is advisable to do it 2-3 times in the 1st week and increase it by 2 each week. So 1st week -3 times, 2nd week -5 times, 3rd week – 7 times, until finally you can do Bahaya pranayama for up to 11 times. During winters you can do Bahaya pranayama for even 21 times when there is more chill.




Bayaya pranayam should be practiced after the 2nd round of kapalbhati, the energy that is generated through Kapalbhati pranayam transcends into higher levels. Further it is advisable to do at least one round of Anulom Vilom pranayama at the end, of course before Meditation. The reason is Kapalbhati and Bahaya pranayam generates much energy and in the process there is little warm up of the heart and lung muscles, doing Anulom vilom relaxes these muscles and lastly meditations totally relaxes, cools and comforts our body. 


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Bahaya pranayam-Instructions to follow and benefits

Bahaya pranayam is one of the Pranayama or breathing exercises, so all the instructions given on the main page of “Pranayama” should be followed. These additional instructions should also be followed

1. Breath in and exhale as much air as you can, while squeezing or pulling in your stomach but without applying too much force. Some force, however should be applied. Remember there is no discomfort or strain while doing Bahaya pranayam or any other exercises of pranayama, instead they are always relaxing.

2. Touch your chin to your chest and hold your breath as much as possible and as long as you can without any stress. Do not try to hold the breath for 30 secs in your first go itself, hold the breath according to your capacity and as you practice, your capacity will increase.

The benefits of Bahaya pranayam are many, just to highlight a few of them

1. Bahaya pranayama takes the inner power that is awakened by doing Kapalbhati to the next level.

2. Excellent results have been seen in patients of Hernia by doing Bahaya pranayam.

3. Bahaya pranayam is a powerful remedy for gastric problems, acidity, constipation and improves digestion.

4. Countless diabetes patients have been completely cured by doing regular Pranayama exercises and Bahaya pranayam has a big role in that. 

5. Improves the functionality of the brain and memory power. 

6. Regular practice of Bahaya and other pranayama exercises calms our mind and prepares us to dive deep in meditation. 


1. Bahaya pranayam involves pulling in of stomach and holding of breath and hence pregnant women should avoid it.

2. After a surgery, mainly after a bypass or a heart surgery, a person would require to avoid doing Bahaya pranayam for a week or more, depending upon the severity of the surgery. Take advice of your doctor.