Make these a part of your daily life

      1. Pranayama and Meditation                     2. Exercise 

      3. Healthy eating and positive thinking   4. Keep smiling

Stay fit and healthy

Your ultimate guide on how to stay fit and healthy and, how to improve your mental and physical well being.

Regular pranayama to stay fit and healthy


Lets dive deep in our meditation and experience the divine peace and ectasy, that can cure our depression. Regular meditation improves our brain functionality, increases memory and concentration and makes us mentally strong.

Regular pranayama to stay fit and healthy


I am certain Pranayama and Meditation are the best things that we can do in our lives. When we begin our day by doing Pranayama and Meditation in the early morning, we will certainly have countless and immense benefits. The benefits range from a stronger immune system, healthier body to a sharper mind and above these, helps us become more spiritually advanced.

Exercise to stay fit and healthy

Exercises and Yogasanas

Maintaining a regular physical exercise regime helps you to live healthy, feel better and energetic, and be more charming and attractive. In this website we will be discussing the best exercises for abs, to lose weight or to lose your belly fat.  We will try to explain the techniques of doing the exercises, their benefits and highlight the necessary information, as clearly and explicitly as possible.

Diet and Nutrition

Our food and eating habits not only have impact onour health but they also impact the way we think, behave and react to different situations. Therefore it is important that we understand what we should eat and what we are actually eating, so that we can strike the right balance.

Who we are and what we want

Who we are

We are a team of Meditation and Pranayama experts headed by Gadalay Kapil. We also excel in the field of Exercise and nutrition thereby training countless people and helping them live more healthy and active life.

Our mission

Our primary mission is to spread the awareness among people about Pranamaya and Meditation which can increase our body, mind and spiritual fitness and thereby helping us to lead a more successful Life. We also train people why regular exercise and eating wisely is essential and should be part of our everyday life.

Our vision

Our vision is a more healthy and Fit India and the world. Today we are becoming victims to increasing levels of pollution and food adulteration. We want to bring the awareness in the people of India and the world that our age old wisdom of meditation and Pranayama can help us live a healthy life and accomplish whatever we want to.

Our Dedication

We are dedicated to our work and mission towards realizing our vision. Our useful articles covering different aspects of strengthening the body and mind, and our proactive courses will surely benefit many. Remember Pranamaya and Meditation are indispensable for the development of our body and mind and will remain the core subject of our website.

Take control of your health and your life.

In this website you can explore all the information you need to learn Meditation, Pranayama and to learn how certain exercises are useful to keep yourself fit, healthy and sharp. You can also find all the information you need to eat healthy and wisely, what you should avoid and what you should include more in your diet. What more these things can help us become more successful in life and spiritually as well.

We cover everything for you to stay fit and healthy

  • How to do Meditation and Pranayama.
  • How Meditation and Pranayana can boost your physical and mental well being.
  • How you can increase your memory and concentration
  • Exercises that help you stay fit and energetic.
  • Step by step explanation on how to do each exercise along with progressions for difficult exercises.
  • How certain Foods can help to have a strong immune system or immunity.
  • Prioritizing certain things and scheduling them in our everyday life.
  • Certain common health issues and combating them.
  • Positive thinking and Mindset.
  • Things we should know for our own well being

Want personal assistance and attention - ask our fitness expert

We will try our best to give you all the required information to take command of your health and fitness, in a clear and explicit language. But still it is highly probable that you find the need for personal attention or assistance from a fitness expert, be it for your weight loss program, for building your body or muscles, for learning pranayama, for accessing your physical fitness for certain high intensity exercises or anything. It is very advisable that you learn certain high intensity exercises like headstand, handstand etc under the guidance of an expert.

Our recent articles
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